Monday, July 13, 2015

running on fumes

i didn't sleep worth a shit last night. i might have got a good 90 minutes of good sleep. i was up every 45 minutes or so after 4 AM. good times. the rain that was supposed to come yesterday came today. and it came with flash flood warnings, hail, 60 mph winds. i don't get as excited for storms here as i did on the farm. this house sits cockeyed on a odd shaped lot to begin with. and i have no porch where i could sit there and watch the storms while breathing in the air. more or less now all i do is wonder if the internet is going to out or not.

i heard back from Carcinogenic Poetry today on the poems i sent last month. they have decided to pass. i also sent a query to Oddball Magazine on the poems i sent two months ago. so far, i'm sitting on 20 some poems that are begging to be sent out. so, if all goes well this week, i am planning on getting some submissions out there.

the New York Yankees won yesterday 8-6. it was so good to see one of the kids do well:
that was the reason so many of us Yankees fans wanted Refsnyder up here from the start of the season. it's very nice that they will start the second half of the season in first place. that hasn't happened in a few years.

i don't know if the weather will allow the MLB home run hitting contest to happen tonight or not. we're supposed to have another line of storms come through in the early evening. i live about 70 miles north of where the All-Star game is happening this year.

enjoy some music kids:

Big Brother was pretty funny last night. True Detective was good and then the shootout happened. that made the episode great. Ballers was pretty funny. The Brink was good. The Strain was fucking great. this season looks like it is going to blow my mind once again. Ray Donovan was pretty good. Masters of Sex was really good. and finally, Last Week Tonight was awesome as usual:

i saw today that Manchester United was busy once again. i love that they have completely rebuilt their midfield in a span of about 30 hours. the combination of Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin should be dynamic. and just look who they are bringing on the tour to the USA:
i would love to see them in Chicago but i know that won't happen. at least i believe all their games over here will be on television.

it's artsy fartsy time kids. please enjoy one of the most amazing artists i have ever seen on YouTube:

if the weather doesn't fuck up the satellite feeds too bad tonight, i'll spend most of the night flipping between Monday Night Raw and the USA vs. Panama Gold Cup game. i expect team USA to take some chances tonight as they have already won the group. i guess most of the regulars will rest and the kids will play this one.

i got some FREE music today on NoiseTrade. i'll provide the link below in the music section.

i hope everyone had a great weekend. my back is telling me that i'm done for the day. so, until tomorrow kids.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Elizabeth Cook - Snapshot
Joe Bonamassa - Tiger in Your Tank (Live) (FREE on Joe's website)
Morphine - You Look Like Rain
Benjamin Booker - Wicked Waters
Soul Asylum - Summer of Drugs

"If I were a serious person, I'd probably have a real job." - Harrison Ford

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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