Friday, July 24, 2015

a long overdue haircut

so i finally ventured out today and got a haircut. if my memory is correct, this was the first one since my birthday in January. it feels like my barber took off a ton of hair. this should work good for the dog days of summer. i left the mop on top though. eventually these bangs will fall over my eyes and then some silly YouTube madness will begin.

i was searching for some new music on NoiseTrade last night and found two artists that i wouldn't normally listen to. more on them in the music section. i wanted the music as i got the writing itch last night. i wrote 3 poems in about 15 minutes. that gave me 4 to type up this morning. i really like all 4. i think all of them will be in some submissions before the end of the month.

i wasn't surprised when i heard the Hulk Hogan news this morning. when i saw the actual comments and where they came from (his sex tape), that made me laugh. i'm actually thankful he will be gone from the WWE. i've been long since tired of his act. and i guess i have seen so many fucking racists in my life, that nothing really shocks me anymore. the bigger the person, the bigger the skeletons are. that's a theory that never really fails.

here's some music, enjoy:

the New York Yankees whipped Baltimore yesterday 9-3, to earn the sweep. this is the Yankees best record in i believe 2 1/2 years. they start a long road trip tonight in Minnesota.

i got my wish with Big Brother last night with Audrey being evicted. the new HOH's are Vanessa and Jackie. sadly, i believe Austin is going to be the target this week. he's made the mistake of talking to Jason.

Lip Sync Battle was hilarious last night. Married was very funny. and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll made me think of my early days as a poet. i was usually drunk when i wrote anything. it was weird to try to write anything sober. eventually though, i got through it.

there was some really funny shit on late last night, enjoy:

tonight on the DVR will be NJPW and Treehouse Masters.

i will be on here tomorrow before the crazy soccer day starts. i believe the Manchester United vs. Barcelona friendly is on at the exact same time when the USA faces Panama for 3rd place in the Gold Cup. might be time for some picture in picture action tomorrow. though, to be honest, i'm much more interested in the United vs. Barcelona game.

i'm probably going to go to the grocery store early in the morning, at least that's the plan mom has. of course, we were going to go today as well but she's still in her pajamas working. as i tell her, she's living the life. and then i duck if she has anything in her hands.

the local festival is going on this weekend. i have lived here since 1997. i have never gone to it. i now live a few miles closer to it. i still probably won't go. though, i will most likely be able to see the fireworks when they go off on Sunday. of course, that's a big if as it is supposed to really rain hard on Sunday. good times.

that's all for me. i hope everyone has a great weekend. remember, tip your waitress and only fuck the ones that cough.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Glass Animals - Black Mambo
Holly Miranda - Days Are Shorter, Nights Are Long
Josh Warren - When I'm Gone
Ryan Bingham - The Poet
Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved a Woman

"If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which He has inflicted upon men, He would kill Himself." - Alexandre Dumas

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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