Friday, January 9, 2015

the smell of death in the walls

the beauty of my mother's hearing going is her sense of smell is through the fucking roof now. so, we had the heating and air guy out today because both of us thought the smell of death in the house was coming from the furnace. the guy looked and looked and found nothing more than some debris. we concluded that something must have died in the walls of the old bathroom. well, at least we got the furnace cleaned. the smell doesn't really bother me as i have lived out here for 17 years and understand that death is part of the process. mom, on the other hand, is on the verge of puking anytime she smells it. the kicker in all of this is her bedroom is right next to the old bathroom. at least i believe i have convinced her we're not tearing down walls to go find something. hopefully.

last night was a pretty damn good one for me. The Big Bang Theory was pretty fucking funny. i got to see all of it because the Dayton Flyers have finally shred their mentality of playing down to their competition. of course, it also helps when you make 14 three pointers and use a junk defense with speed to confuse a 7 footer who should dominate a group of 6 scholarship players no taller than 6'6". hats off to Bobby Wehrli for his 9 points last night. not bad for a walk on pressed into playing close to 20 minutes every night. here are some highlights from the 78-61 win:

after that game, i enjoyed a victory beer and settled in for the New York Rangers game. when the Kings scored 2 quick goals in the first period i started having flashbacks to the playoffs. thankfully, these Rangers didn't do the same. they scored the next 4 goals and eventually held on for a 4-3 win. here are some highlights from the game:

that victory beer hit the spot a little too well. i had to piss around 3 in the morning. thankfully, i was able to fall back asleep afterwards. almost got 5 hours of sleep total. still, not nearly enough.

the weather here is in the process of going back into the deep freeze. we hit our high today of 22 around midnight. it's currently 8 degrees. i guess it's another night of well below zero again.

i don't have anything i'm planning on watching tonight. i'll probably bounce between some college hockey games and Treehouse Masters later tonight. i do know that i'm planning on taking a nice long shower after dinner. hopefully some hot water will do something for these old bones.

let's start the weekend with some humor. i watched this today and laughed my ass off. i hope you enjoy:

i hope everyone has a great weekend. hopefully it will be full of sunshine and warmer temperatures than here. thanks again for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your precious time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...

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Los Lonely Boys - 16 Monkeys
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