Sunday, November 16, 2014

frustration unleashes the demons... again

this morning has been something close to a clusterfuck for me. we had the chili i made for dinner last night, so you can imagine where i have spent most of the morning. and then between bending over to clean out a litter box and lifting over 100 lbs. of trash and recyclables, i think most of this afternoon will be with ice on my back. just fucking lovely.

Ohio State beat Minnesota yesterday 31-24. it wouldn't have been that close if Ohio State wouldn't of had 3 turnovers. that should be their last tough game until the Big 10 Championship game.

the New York Rangers lost in a shootout last night 3-2. i didn't have a problem with the NHL getting the call right on Dan Boyle's shootout goal that wasn't. i did have a problem with how long it took them to figure it out. i did have a problem with Cindy Crosby whining and complaining to the refs ALL game long. if he ever wonders why no players in the league respect him, all he has to do is watch last night's game again. and how in the fuck does Malkin get to charge Girardi and he basically gets nothing for it. oh, that's right, everyone who works for the league is a bunch of ex-Rangers that hated their time in New York. i have to remind myself that from time to time when every fucking call goes against the Rangers. at least they got a point out of the game.

Saturday Night Live was really good last night.

ROH was great last night. the match between ACH and Jay Lethal was awesome.

today, the New Orleans Saints play the Bengals. hopefully, i'm drinking a victory beer around 4:30 this afternoon. the Saints are my guaranteed win of the week, so i really hope they win.

tonight will be the usual Sunday night shows; The Newsroom, Homeland, and The Affair. all 3 episodes look to be good.

i'll watch those and probably some of the Sunday night NFL game as well.

i still have to enter my fantasy teams into my DIRECTV receiver, so i'm a bit pissy this morning. i've only been trying for the last 3 hours.

both of my fantasy teams are favored to win this week. i doubt that happens.

and to top off everything today, we are under a Winter Weather Advisory. it's supposed to start really snowing tonight and won't stop until tomorrow afternoon. they are saying maybe 4 inches or more. and of course, mom and i have to be over at the new home for the house inspection tomorrow morning.

these are the days where i wish i had a needle and a gun.

hopefully your Saturday and Sunday are going much better than mine. and if they are not, drink a cold one and go piss on your neighbor's porch.

thanks again for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


AFI - Silver and Cold
Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over
Grouplove - Let Me In
Lamb of God - Redneck
XTC - Dear God

"It's okay to be a freak." - Lisa Bonet

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