Saturday, November 1, 2014

a slight dusting of snow...

the winds were fucking crazy last night. it was a struggle to keep my mother's SUV in the lane last night on the highway. of course, i was going nearly 80 miles per hour for most of the ride home. we didn't get any snow on the drive back, but i did wake up to a little dusting this morning. i was more concerned with the temperature of 33 degrees. i guess winter wants to start early this year.

the hockey game was pretty fucking boring last night. there was easily more Toronto fans there than Blue Jackets fans. and they were the arrogant pricks i figured they would always be. i told my sister last night when i was going into the bathroom, if i'm not out in 10 minutes, i started a brawl. of course, nothing happened, but i did laugh at all the empty cans of LaBatt's around the bathroom. as for the game, Toronto won 4-1. they outplayed Columbus the entire game.

after going out to eat afterwards, we did get home in time to watch Sonic Highways on HBO. once again, the Foo Fighters knocked another one out of the park. another great episode. i did get a good laugh when most of the band had no clue who the country stars were on the walls when they were at the Grand Ole Opry.

i got my assignment from Janne Karlsson done before i left for the game yesterday. i love when a quick brainstorming session brings out something good. he liked what i wrote and is planning to submit it soon.

today will be a day of college football, maybe a little soccer, hockey, some laughs, some music and then, hopefully, some sleep.

the New York Rangers play tonight at home against Winnipeg. hopefully i am drinking a victory beer by the end of the game.

Ohio State plays tonight against Illinois. hopefully they win easily as i would like to watch most of the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game.

Saturday Night Live should be great tonight. Chris Rock hosting and Prince is the musical guest.

after that i'm planning on watching a new episode of ROH.

not sure if i'm going to the store today with mom or not. i know i won't be going to look at the house next to where her brother lives today. not sure i really want to live next to the people who birthed the girl that molested me. even as fucked up as i am, willfully bringing on such mental shit is even beyond me.

i'm cutting this a little short as i need to go feed the animals. i'm interested to see how the young cats did last night.

hope everyone is coping with the day after the sugar highs. have a great weekend. thanks again for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Exitmusic - The Cold
Ryan McMahon - I'll Be Damned
The Horrors - Still Life
Sia - Breathe Me
Chris Whitley - Big Sky Country

"Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops." - Cary Grant

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