Monday, March 25, 2013

will spring ever arrive?

so, we didn't get the 7-10 inches of snow they thought we would get over the last 24 hours or so. i believe we got around 4 inches, with a few drifts out here on the farm around 5 inches. it's a pretty wet and heavy snow, not much fun for my bad back. but, got the shoveling done, got the cats fed. now, just got to get my lazy ass down to the end of the lane to pick up the trash cans and get into town to get the mail. not sure if either are actually going to happen or not. if they do, it will be before dark.

watched 2 glorious basketball games yesterday at UD Arena. might be the best doubleheader of basketball i've gone to in years. first game was Ohio State vs. Iowa State. a real back and forth affair that saw a little of everything. missed free throws, big time dunks, a string of 3's to get a team back in the game, a few blown calls, and to top everything off, a game winning 3 from a guy who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn if you gave him 30 chances to do it. Ohio State wins by 3.

next up was Indiana vs. Temple. i feel bad for the players from Temple. they had the lead for nearly all of the 40 minutes in this game. Indiana took the lead for good with just over a minute to go. it wasn't a pretty game but the intensity of the crowd certainly made it memorable. Indiana wins by 6.

hats off to all the fan bases for making the 10 games i saw over the last few days really fun. as a guy behind me said yesterday, the hatred flowing in the arena was spectacular. especially once all the Ohio State fans started rooting for Temple to beat Indiana. out of all the fan bases, Indiana had more fans than anyone. kudos to Iowa State's fans though, even with the threat of a huge snowstorm, i don't think any of them left early.

mom and i got home with a little pizza just before the storm started to really hit. pretty damn good timing as just a few hours later it was pretty close to a whiteout. after some pizza, i settled down to watch the New York Rangers. sadly, another must win that ended in a shootout loss. time is starting to run short on this season. hopefully they can find something other than inconsistency to be consistent with.

big game tomorrow in World Cup Qualifying for team USA at Mexico. if they could come out of it with a draw, i would over the moon happy. a win would be so mind boggling that i'm not even allowing myself to think it's possible.

also tomorrow i get to go to the doctor's office and get more blood drawn. i guess they finally got around to reading my lab report from awhile back. fun fun fun.

not exactly sure what the fuck the New York Yankees are doing trading for Vernon Wells. i don't think he's had much left in the gas tank for the last few years. he's simply sticking around because he's making a ridiculous amount of money. even at my most optimistic i would think this move is borderline insane. the season starts soon enough. maybe i'll be wrong and he'll rediscover some power and decent play. hopefully.

in fantasy sports news, i won last week in hockey 8-2. still going strong in 3rd place in the league. as for the NCAA brackets, got 9 teams right in the Sweet 16. that's basically one step above pathetic. i do have the 2 teams i picked to play in the finals still alive. but, those are the only teams i have left for the Final 4 as well. basically, if i somehow finish this March Madness with a winning record, it will be a minor miracle.

i'm really looking forward to the return of The Voice tonight. should be interesting flipping between that, Monday Night Raw, and whatever hockey game i feel like watching.

hope everyone is well. hope the weather where you are isn't the cold, sloppy fucking mess it is here. until we meet again.

music today:

The Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers Band
Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels

"Sports is the toy department of human life." - Howard Cosell

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