Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend recap

probably one of the better weekends i've had in some time. below are the details.

let's start off with a tidy 4-0 win for Manchester United on Saturday. the first half was kind of boring until the end where the first of 3 straight Kagawa goals came off a pass from RVP. the next two were set up beautifully by Wayne Rooney, who added a beauty of his own to make it 4-0. i, like most of the rest of the world, will be watching tomorrow as United takes on Real Madrid. BIG game. i'm really hoping for a win, and not a dramatic loss.

next up, the Dayton Flyers and their must win game against Richmond. first off, the refs in this game were atrocious. totally sucked ass. Dayton won by 4. the spread was 5 1/2. i can't imagine why i believe some refs have money riding on games. a bunch of huge plays from the freshmen down the stretch in the game. that gives me some hope for the future. below are the highlights. look for monster dunks from Dyshawn Pierre and Jalen Robinson. 2 moments that got UD Arena rocking big time.

Saturday Night Live was good, as was Ring of Honor. all in all, not a bad Saturday.

woke up Sunday with trash to pick up and dishes to do. got all that done, got my fantasy hockey and racing teams in order and got ready for a big sports day. i know, most of them are for me.

as for NASCAR, used the same 5 drivers i had from the previous week and all 5 finished in the top 13. not too bad at all.

as for fantasy hockey, thanks to some goals and power play points from the New York Rangers (more on that in a bit) i won my match this week 7-3. still 3rd overall in the league. big match this week with the leader of the other division. thankfully my team is getting healthy.

Sunday night had the New York Rangers facing off with Buffalo. an absolute snooze fest for 2 periods. i was so bored i was watching the MLS at times. then, that absolute fuckhead Patrick Kaleta woke up the Rangers with a truly nasty cheap shot on Brad Richards. what resulted after that you can find below.
always nice when the pp can score some goals. now, the short-handed one they gave up sucked. but, the Rangers did end up winning in a shootout 3-2. a much needed 2 points. as for Kaleta, he has a hearing later today. since it's on the phone, he will get no more than 5 games. personally, i wouldn't mind if this piece of shit just rotted in hell. i did like Brad Richards' quote after the game "I don't know which sport he plays. It's not hockey.", something to that effect. well put.

the Sunday night shows were all good, although the Rangers game went longer than i wanted so my viewing schedule was all fucked up. not always a fan of getting to bed at 3 in the morning, guess i'm still young enough to pull it off. barely.

best of all, the fucking sun made an appearance today. i was stunned walking down the steps this morning to see it. of course, it was 18 degrees outside at the time. i guess some weather is coming this way in the next few days. i've heard anything from freezing rain to 6 inches of snow. just great. mom has to travel to Columbus for a conference and any bad weather will probably keep me from attending senior night Wednesday in another must win for the Dayton Flyers. well, at least i don't mind pacing the first floor like a maniac when i listen to games on the radio. hell, maybe i'll get inspired and do some painting. maybe.

i did go through some poems today to get ready for another round of submissions. got a few places in mind. i'm thinking of later in the week or early next week. i definitely want to get them out there before i get consumed with March Madness.

hope this finds everyone well.

music today:

Guided By Voices - The Grand Hour
Lucero - 1372 Overton Park

"All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward." - Ellen Glasgow

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