Sunday, March 17, 2013

before i start day drinking

i'm not sure a Saturday morning gets better than waking up to see Manchester City lose 2-0. add to that, albeit a totally fucking lackluster game, a 1-0 Manchester United victory and now the lead in the Premier League is 15 points. with 9 games to go. i'll step out on a limb and say i think United has it in the bag now.

i watched maybe the first 3 minutes of the New York Rangers game yesterday. watching them give up a goal and having to listen to the Pittsburgh announcers was simply too much for me to handle. they lost 3-0, which sucks. but, since i have the Penguins starting goalie on my fantasy hockey team, the shutout helped me. i've got a 9-1 lead going into today. would be nice to get on a roll before the fantasy hockey playoffs start. and it would be nice if the Rangers woke the fuck up soon and realized the season is already half over.

i noticed the Yankees didn't score a run in 2 different games yesterday. wow, i'm really looking forward to this season. fuck me.

i'm thinking i'll probably end up seeing Louisville and Ohio State next week in the college basketball games at UD Arena. i'll know for sure at 6 pm tonight. all i'm really hoping for is some great games.

enjoyed ROH last night. i'm really hoping the SCUM angle doesn't become yet another NWO poorly done rehash of a gimmick from the 90's.

i'll try not to get too drunk that i sleep through my Sunday night shows. no guarantees though. i feel like 37 going on 70.

hope everyone has a great day. be safe. get the hangover food ready.

music today:

Shrug - Whole Hog For The Macho Jesus
Cat Power - You Are Free

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy." - William Butler Yeats

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