Saturday, March 23, 2013

basketball, fire, oncoming snow

i spent 12 hours yesterday watching basketball at UD Arena. 4 basketball games, with only 1 being competitive. and sadly, that was the first game.

Temple Vs. NC State - NC State started out brain dead and got down big early. so, as i've seen a few million times, they didn't have quite enough to dig themselves out of the hole. i give them credit for making it interesting, but, still a loss by 4 points.

Indiana vs. James Madison - this game was over about 3 minutes in. when one player is outscoring the entire team for nearly the first 10 minutes of the game, saying a game is lopsided is an understatement.

then, thanks to the NCAA having their heads shoved up their asses, the next game started less than 60 minutes after the previous one finished. so, everyone has to leave the building and go wait in line with session 2 tickets. thankfully, mom and i parked in handicap parking, so we just waited in the car, had a few snacks, and stayed out of the cold. more on the cold later.

Ohio State vs. Iona - why the dumb fucks from Iona would provide OSU with bulletin board material before the game is beyond me. foolish youth. Ohio State flirted with 100 points in this game and by the end had 3 players on the court that people from Columbus were saying never play. that pretty much sums up that game.

Iowa State vs. Notre Dame - was a little surprised with the lack of Notre Dame fans there, as was the fuck behind me who couldn't shut up 2 minutes to save his life. Iowa State destroyed Notre Dame fairly easily. easily enough that there was probably less than 3 thousand people left at the end. both sessions drew over 12,000.

so, on Sunday i will see Indiana vs. Temple and Ohio State vs. Iowa State.

thankfully, these games will start at noon. i say thankfully as they are calling for 6-10 inches of snow on Sunday. and here i thought it was spring. it appears (as of right now) that most of that snow should come after the games are over and my mother and i are back home. sadly, mother nature has a tendency to not go as planned. my fingers are crossed. and my back is already being iced. good thing i didn't put up the snow shovel just yet.

don't ask about my brackets. when you lose a final four team (Georgetown) before the first weekend is over, you can absolutely forget about winning anything. now, i have to hope i have some magic in the round by round games.

and now for the fire.

the guy who farms out here is finally burning off the brush he cleared to help with our drainage problems. if i wasn't so damn tired i might have actually walked down there to get closer shots. be thankful i walked up the stairs to get the camera at all.

and here's one of my cat Kit Kat just for shits and giggles

i will try to get pictures if we really do get all that snow. and i will try to get some pictures of the cats so names can be put with images. i imagine that will be mostly for my mother as she can't keep any of their names straight.

music today:

Grizzly Bear - Shields
Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
Beach House - Bloom
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert A. Heinlein

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