Friday, March 15, 2013

maybe the weekend will be better

yesterday was not a good sporting day for me. spent the afternoon watching the Dayton Flyers lose to Butler. they did what they have done all season, tease. play good, get some rebounds, get some stops, get a lead, make stupid turnovers, quit playing smart defense, panic when the lead goes away, dig out of the hole, rinse, repeat, lose. a fitting end to one fucking frustrating season. 17-14. one less win than i thought they would have after watching the first few weeks of the season. well, hopefully next year will be better, regardless of what conference they are in.

after dinner and The Big Bang Theory, i sat down to watch the New York Rangers. yet another lifeless game where they couldn't capitalize on any chances in what was basically a playoff game in Winnipeg.

that went off just in time to flip over and watch team USA lose in the World Baseball Classic.

as you could imagine, i was a little less than pleased when i went to bed last night. thankfully, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been pretty damn good all week. that has helped get rid of some of the tension at least.

i woke up this morning to 3 deer walking across the front field. it was just light enough that i could see them. i doubt my camera would have been able to get them. hopefully one day i'll have the damn thing on me when i see some wildlife out here.

at least the New York Yankees won a meaningless spring training game this afternoon. no victory beers for that though.

as for the weekend, tomorrow will be a double dipper of the Rangers playing in Pittsburgh and Manchester United playing a classic trap game against Reading. both are on at the same time basically. i get the feeling i'll be watching United more to begin with. if both lose, this weekend will be a little hard to escape a complete shit storm. so, hopefully one will win at the very least.

i've got to come up with a little money to get some poems out. i figure i will be selling off some music, if the truck gets me to the music store. fingers will be crossed for the next few days. for the truck and for the weather. at least it made it to the 40's finally. of course, there might be snow on St. Patrick's Day.

also on the 17th is Selection Sunday. i'll get to find out which teams i'll be watching in person over the next week at the UD Arena. hopefully some good ones with some decent fan bases. or some rivals would be nice as well. any emotion makes the games pretty fun. especially when you're only rooting interest is whatever your bracket is. i'm going to win a damn bracket challenge sometime before i die. and by the looks of things, i better get to it quickly.

hope everyone has a great weekend. be safe and enjoy the alcohol.

music today:

The Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach
Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said
JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers

"I don't have a moral plan, I'm a Canadian." - David Cronenberg

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