Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hello spring, now where are you?

it says today is the first day of spring. the sun was out earlier. but, it has struggled to get into the 30's today so far and there was a little blowing snow while i was feeding the cats. oh spring, just another lie...

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the basketball games were pretty good last night. if the second game would have been like the first, i would be raving about them. the first game was really good. both teams were evenly matched and the game came down to a final shot. North Carolina A&T with a 1 point victory over Liberty. as for the second game, i almost felt bad for the couple thousand fans that drove up from Tennessee to see St. Mary's just completely dominate and outplay MTSU. how they could leave St. Mary's best player open so many damn times was dumbfounding to say the least.

after we got out of the arena and made it back to town, it was around midnight. and of course, i live in a town where most everything closes at 10. so, it was a late night meal at the only place open, Waffle House. after not eating for about 10 hours, i was pretty much up to eating anything. of course, i thought better of it 2 hours later on the shitter.

did see that the New York Rangers won again last night. 2 much needed wins in a row to get them back into a playoff position. if i wouldn't have been tired as hell when i got home, i would have watched the game. instead, i settled for the highlights on the NHL Network.

i did come up with names for the cats finally. any name with a * after is a cat that has made it through its first winter and now will be called something other than hey. 16 cats in total. Kit Kat, Whitey, Neal Cassady, A Boy Named Sue, Weezie Jefferson, Gizmo 2.0*, John Prine*, Michael Jackson*, Tito Jackson*, Jermaine Jackson*, Rita Dove, Tolstoy*, Walt Whitman*, Irvine Welsh*, Phantom of the Opera*, and Langston Hughes.

2 more games tonight and hopefully something other than Waffle House afterwards. hope this finds everyone well. i did figure out what music i'm selling off later this week, so i got some poems in order to get to the post office. more on that tomorrow most likely.

music today:

Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer

"It has been my observation that parents kill more dreams than anybody." - Spike Lee

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