Thursday, March 28, 2013

back to the madness

looking forward to the Sweet 16 games tonight. that will give me something else to watch in case the New York Rangers are spitting the bit tonight up in Ottawa. and given how they have played against that team this year, laying an egg is a possibility.

started up my daily fantasy baseball teams today on no salary caps this year, so i guess i'm going to find out just how much i really do know about advanced statistics. also, i guess it's rather appropriate the New York Yankees start this season on April Fools Day.

the doctor's office called me this afternoon and asked me to call them back. like a good boy i did. all results are normal and their recommendation is just an annual check. i can understand everyone's concern given the family history of just about every fucking disease known to man. but, just like the blood clots that should have killed me at 32, i don't fit any molds or anything that should be. i'm sure not drinking any pop for over a decade and not running to the doctor every time i get the sniffles has actually been a good thing. and knock on wood, hopefully it stays that way.

also, a little f.y.i. for everyone that has my phone number. if you call and leave me a message, i will call you back. if you call and don't leave a message, i won't. i'm pretty simple that way.

i went to bed last night thinking Jarome Iginla was traded to the Boston Bruins. woke up this morning to see that he was actually traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. seeing that if the playoffs started today, the Rangers would be playing the Penguins, to say i'm a bit disgusted with this news would be a vast understatement. but, that's getting way ahead of myself. the Rangers have to make the damn playoffs first before i can start having dreams of Crosby crying over a playoff upset.

did see that the Miami Heat win streak finally ended at 27. maybe the NBA regular season can go back to being boring again now.

was hoping i would come up with some poetry today while cleaning the toilets and vacuuming the first floor. sadly, nothing came to me other than a little back pain. and all those poems have been tapped for the time being.

are all the telemarketers calling because it's the end of the month or is everyone on a crusade to try my patience?

i'm not happy with the weather forecast for next week. yet more chances for fucking snow. i suppose i will be getting a late start this year on mowing the grass. i was already on cut number 2 by this time last year.

hopefully, if the air stays in my shitty truck tires and my synapses still fire, i'll remember to take the camera with me into town tomorrow. maybe get some pictures to post on here over the weekend.

music today:

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights

"Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely." - P.J. O'Rourke

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