Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a Tuesday glued to storm coverage

i woke up this morning to the same persistent fuck me winds i went to sleep with. and some blowing snow. went out to feed the cats and it felt like it was in the teens. i get it mother nature, you're a bad motherfucker. enough already.

one thing that DIRECTV does during these major storms is take an extra channel and devote it to all local coverage of the storm. so, as you can imagine, the majority of my day has been spent watching that.

not sure how the friends i have in Queens or New Jersey are doing. i'm hoping ok. i figure when the power comes back on they will find the emails.

NBA season starts tonight. i'll try to catch some of that to take my eyes away from storm damage coverage. plus, a part of me will love seeing LeBron get his ring. i always love a good heel.

love the knockout round on The Voice. great new element to the show. should be an interesting second night. that said, the live shows can't come soon enough.

hope everyone is well.

music today:

Joshua James - Build Me This

"Literature is news that stays news." - Ezra Pound

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