Monday, October 8, 2012

after a great weekend...

happy pointless Monday off. where to begin...

the Yankees rally last night came out of nowhere. i was shocked when they scored that many runs off of the Baltimore closer. shocked and thrilled. hopefully that fucks him for the rest of the series. hopefully the old war horse named Andy Pettitte can go out tonight and get a commanding lead to the series.

i can't remember the last time Ohio State put up 63 points against a name team. let alone Nebraska. that game was a pleasant sight of hopefully what is coming in the next few years. i can't imagine what this team will look like when Coach Meyer gets all of his players in. i can certainly get used to beating the shit out of people.

Sunday morning was the best i have seen Manchester United play this season. a complete 90 minutes. 3-0 to repay Newcastle back for the loss last season. shockingly, the goals came from Evans, Evra, and Cleverly. i can only imagine the amount of money you could have won if you got those 3 names right. hopefully they bottle that performance and repeat it for the rest of the season. if so, shine up the trophies.

the only negative of the weekend was how i can manage to score over 100 points in fantasy football and still lose. hopefully i can pull out 1 of the 2 remaining matches with a good performance from the Texans tonight. between the baseball playoffs, Monday Night Raw, and The Voice, i doubt i'll watch much of it. what ever happens happens.

music today:

Ivan & Alyosha - The Cabin Sessions
Hammock - Departure Songs Sampler
Escondido - Escondido EP
Various Artists - Mom + Pop Mixtape Vol. 1

"Picture deface walls more often than they decorate them." - William Wordsworth

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