Thursday, October 11, 2012

playoff magic

i had my blog post already in mind, yet another fuck the Yankees rant and then it happened. playoff magic. Raul Ibanez, pinch hitting for A-Rod, ties the game in the bottom of the 9th with a home run. then, for the cherry on top, hits another one to win in the bottom of the 12th. not sure my mother liked the yelling and screaming past her bed time, but this shit never gets old.

so, after a night of great but short sleep, i think i have done everything i did yesterday. you know, i don't want to be the reason they lose. and don't worry, i've been like this since i was 5. music is the same, got the mail at the same time, had the same breakfast. now, it's up to Phil Hughes and the boys to do their part.

i suppose during commercial breaks i will check out some of the shows tonight and the NFL game.

and hopefully i can hold off on the fuck the Yankees rant for a few weeks.

music yesterday and today:

Metallica - Master of Puppets
Matthew Sweet - Acoustic & Live NoiseTrade Sampler
Brandi Carlile - Live at Bear Creek EP
The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Pioneers EP

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

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