Tuesday, October 23, 2012

long live Chicharito

when i found out this morning i didn't win shit even though i picked all the NFL games correctly last week, i was a bit pissed. i missed the Sunday night score by 4 points (i had the Steelers score correct, and , as per usual, the Bengals let me down once again). being poor, only making money from doing surveys, the charity of my friends, and selling used shit and the occasional book, this was a bit of a letdown.

given that news, i sit down this afternoon to watch Manchester United in Champions League play. as usual, they give up a goal early. no biggie. 20 minutes in and they give up the next one. now, my usual bitter asshole tendencies come out. but only for 5 minutes, as Chicharito scores to cut it to 2-1. in the second half, Jonny Evans, who somehow has turned into a goal machine, ties the game at 2. then in the 75th minute (or somewhere around there) Cleverley pulls out one hell of a cross to Chicharito for the eventual game winner. winning this way never gets old. falling behind early certainly does. but, when you rest 2 of the usual 4 defenders, you run the risk of shit happening. HUGE game this Sunday with Chelsea. to say my attention will be not completely on the NFL this Sunday will be a gross understatement. lose at Chelsea and the league might as well be a lost cause. of course, i've thought this before and they have proved me wrong. but that was the days when they had great defenders. those days are sadly gone.

after The Voice tonight, i have no clue what i'll be watching. i'm sure i'll find something. probably music related. or history. or food. or college football with 2 teams i don't know. could be an early sleep night.

music today:

Matthew Mayfield - A Banquet for Ghosts
Grouplove - Never Trust a Happy Song

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." - Walt Whitman

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