Monday, October 1, 2012

dancing across the water

i decided to take the weekend off from the blog. i figured no one needed to read all the bitching and moaning from this weekend.

thankfully, the whole weekend was not lost for the Yankees. they did manage to make the playoffs. now, they have 3 games to go win the division. i'm hoping for a sweep of Boston while Baltimore loses at least 1 game against Tampa Bay. i don't care how they do it, just get it done. avoid the 1 game playoff at all costs. although, i'm pretty sure Detroit is going to win the Central Division, so hopefully Texas stumbles and the Yankees end up with the best record in the AL. i don't feel good about another first round against Detroit. not with our pitching. unless, they plan on turning every game into slow pitch softball.

watching Manchester United fall asleep on defense 3 fucking times and lose 3-2 was humbling on Saturday. i was a bit torn as Clint Dempsey scored the winner for Tottenham. Clint is one of my all-time favorites among American players. back to Champions League play tomorrow. back in the old days, after a loss like that, i would expect big things. but, it's now 2012. those days are long gone. i'll be happy with 3 points and no fucking injuries for a change.

i was very happy that Ohio State won on Saturday. ugly, but a fucking win. hopefully, the tackling continues to get better and maybe they can start making things easier for themselves.

thankfully the Global Citizen concert was on and provided some much needed relief for myself. i really enjoyed all the acts and they really helped a shit Saturday for the most part be much less stinging. not sure how much more of a Global Citizen i want to be, but my eyes were opened.

as for Sunday...

incredible choke job by the USA in the Ryder Cup.

looks like i have a decent chance to win 2 of 3 of my fantasy football games. of course, the 1 that is getting beat like a abused child was previously undefeated. hard to win when none of your wide receivers score. fuck me.

actually managed to write a poem over the weekend. hopefully that will start a flood and i'll have a good batch to type up and send out soon.

a thank you to my stepbrother for being an asshole. i'm really enjoying your baseball cards.

a funny thought i had while driving today. when i was 18 years old i was supposed to move to Portland, Oregon but the friend i was going with left without me. fast forward 18 years later and i find out today that my former muse and possibly the last woman (maybe ever) i fell in love with, is moving to Portland, Oregon. what a cruel prick the lord can be.

music today:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Dave Matthews Band - The Central Park Concert

"You may delay, but time will not." - Benjamin Franklin

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