Saturday, October 20, 2012

after a few midday beers

went to the red and blue game today at the University of Dayton. some quick observations, defense looks much better this year, the freshman look like they may contribute, but honestly, this team goes as far as Kevin Dillard takes it.

after that, got home to see that Manchester United won, 4-2. nice to see Wayne Rooney was feeling good enough today to score for both teams.

that didn't put me in the greatest of moods as Ohio State was losing at that time. add on that their best player was taken to the hospital and i figured this was a lost cause. cut to the touchdown with 3 seconds left and the 2 point conversion to tie it up at 22 and i was pretty much going ape shit. Ohio State wins in overtime 29-22. definitely a game they had no business winning. i love those. makes the alcohol that much better.

bought the cd of a local band tonight. check them out at

long day of NFL games tomorrow, so i have no clue if i make it to Saturday Night Live, let alone Austin City Limits or Ring of Honor tonight. fuck, i'm getting old.

music today:

Red Wanting Blue - Live at City Winery

"Every artist was first an amateur." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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