Friday, October 5, 2012

a Friday before the rain comes

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wanted to get this blog post done before the baseball playoffs start, before the rain comes, before i spend another hour on the toilet, etc. etc.

i couldn't sleep for shit last night. my back was in horrific pain and i'm not really sure if i want to know what the pain in my right leg is. but, i decided to actually get some shit done today. so, with that in mind, i actually sent out 13 poems today. the lucky ones receiving these gifts are The Camel Saloon, Carcinogenic Poetry, and Thunder Sandwich. hopefully, i will have good news to report soon.

not really surprised that the NHL are fucking up once again. in most labor spats, i side with the players. and this is no different. i love rich people who can't control themselves with spending but want others to take responsibility for it. if they don't watch it, hockey will be somewhere around lacrosse before long in this country. lose another season and us die hard fans will be the only ones left. just when the Rangers were on the cusp of the cup, fuck me.

a long weekend of sports is ahead for me. Yankees in the playoffs, Manchester United in action, NFL and all the fantasy fun and games. and who knows, maybe i sneak in a little writing on the side. depends on the pain i guess. or if the Yankees are winning or not. if you think i hate to lose in the regular season...

sad to see Bobby Valentine go so soon in Boston. wanted him to stay on for a decade and run that franchise into the ground.

hope everyone has a great weekend. peace and chicken grease.

music today:

Humble Wolf - Paper Thin
Warren Haynes Band - Live at the Moody Theater
Grant-Lee Phillips - Green Corn Songs: Live at McCabes
Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

"There's more to life than cheek bones." - Kate Winslet

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