Sunday, July 1, 2012

a little story about life on the farm, etc.

so, last night i go to check to see if the back door is locked. i happen to look out the window and see a black cow about 4 feet from the door eating on some weeds. i go to get my mother and tell her "You've gotta fucking see this." She looks out the window and sees nothing, i'm thinking great, i'm having an acid flashback. i hit the outside flood lights and she says "Oh shit!" and flings open the back door. 2 cows and a steer. i go get a flashlight and get all the outside lights on. a phone call and some careful walking in the dark by smell and as far as i know, the cows were back on the farm next door. drenched in sweat, i went upstairs to find a fan and flip between Ring of Honor and Cinemax.

there's a little slice of life in the sticks.

hard to think it's already July 1. but, today is christmas for sports junkies.

NHL and NBA free agency starts.
Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium.
EURO 2012 final (My heart says Spain, my gut says Italy, i really just want to be entertained.)

i see a nice long day with the a/c and my chair watching some tv. racing to the computer to confirm some rumors and then a rest period on the shitter. hopefully i won't end up bored out of my mind. hype is such a double edged sword at times.

music this morning:

Matthew Sweet - Time Capsule-The Best of

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." - Jack London

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