Wednesday, July 25, 2012

amid oncoming storms

you know, it never fails. whenever i want something to happen, all i need to do is start doing something else and then... case in point. back oh so many years ago, when i had a girlfriend, if i wanted her to call all i had to do was go take a shit or a shower and sure enough the phone would ring. back to today.

i was watching Manchester United this morning and the game was boring as hell. so, i decided to go into to town before it got really hot, get the mail, maybe a little breakfast and come back. as i was driving down my bumpy ass lane to the road, i laughed and said to myself, you know when you get home Man U will be winning 1-0. and sure enough, i get back and they are up 1-0, 5 minutes left in the match. nice goal from Kagawa by the way. i'm reserving judgement on the team until i see all the pieces in place.

a big fucking thank you to Jayson Nix for his bases loaded double to help the Yankees pull out a win in Seattle, 5-2. my constant bitching and moaning but the inability to do the small, fundamental shit was answered by that double in the gap. win the series and come back home to face the Red Sox. hopefully whipping their asses will get the stench of a horrible road trip out of sight for a while.

had my first taste of the Cherry Wheat beer from Sam Adams this evening. Holy Shit that was good.

had a good laugh watching Chelsea lose to the MLS All-Stars 3-2. i believe the last 2 times Manchester United played in that game Man U won by a combined 10-0. i will sleep with a smile on my face this evening.

music today:

Metallica - Kill 'Em All

"I can resist everything except temptation." - Oscar Wilde

if you don't see a post from me tomorrow, chances are the storms they say are coming has knocked out the power. or, i'm too busy masturbating. or writing, whatever you choose to call what i do.

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