Tuesday, July 17, 2012


CC came back tonight and was strong. When Deadliest Catch came on the Yankees were up 3-0. I flip back and they are up 6-1, top of the 9th, bases loaded. I'm not thrilled that Soriano had to pitch yet again but he got a double play in 5 pitches. Very good. Let the train keep on rolling.

I may have lost my longest friendship I have earlier this evening. Apparently telling someone to believe in themselves and don't quit are means to blow up the last decade or so. And to top that off, my mother will probably need a hip replacement sooner rather than later. Funny how sometimes life can really fuck everything up. Needless to say, any excitement I may have had from my first full length book coming out soon is now completely gone.

Fuck me runnin'

"Call no man happy till he is dead." - Aeschylus

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