Saturday, July 28, 2012

a saturday without humidity

so, due to MLB's stupid blackout rules, i wasn't able to watch the Yankees game today/tonight (thanks rain delay). and after seeing them fall behind 6-1, come all the way back and then lose 8-6, i was pretty sure i didn't want to see the highlights. and after seeing the highlights, i was right. hate losing to that team especially on fluke plays and after a great (i guess) comeback. fuck. (thank you to crawls on the bottom of MLB Network and ESPN2)

so after that i, for some reason, flipped to PBS and watched the rest of The Hustler. made me think of my early 20's drinking for free in local pool halls. the more drunk i got the better i played. made the drives home interesting.

absolutely loved the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. i thought Danny Boyle put on a great show. i've watched bits and pieces of the events off and on today. when the basketball starts i'll really start giving a shit.

always fun to watch Chelsea lose. this time to AC Milan. good times.

music today:

Korn - Issues

"Hatred is a very underestimated emotion." - Jim Morrison

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