Saturday, October 15, 2016

the weekend

i didn't sleep well last night. it seems like my inner child has been throwing a fit since i got back from the doctor. at least the little fucker didn't mess with me when i was writing yesterday. i did write another 5 poems yesterday evening. i really like a few of them.

Vice News Tonight was excellent last night. i really think they had a great first week on the air.

NJPW was really good last night.

High Maintenance made me feel really old last night. next week is the season finale.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Saturday Night Live, Austin City Limits and ROH.

Ohio State plays a huge game tonight at Wisconsin. Ohio State has won 19 straight true road games. hopefully they come home with number 20 tonight.

there are a few other college football games i'm going to try to watch today, mostly Alabama vs. Tennessee.

the New York Rangers play their first road game of the season tonight in St. Louis against the Blues. it won't be an easy game.

i have to do some running around this morning/early afternoon. i need to get some more ice packs and go to the grocery store to get pick up some prescriptions. and i probably should feed the birds today.

if i can find a spare moment this afternoon, i'm going to try to do a quick Soundcloud recording. if that doesn't happen this afternoon, i'll probably do it in the middle of the night.

i hope everyone has a great Saturday. call if you need bail money.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


2CELLOS - With or Without You
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - This Life
Lana Del Rey - Video Games
Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
Trent Reznor - Hurt (Live)

"What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal." - Friedrich Nietzsche

and your whatever the fuck i wanted you to see video of the day:

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