Thursday, February 7, 2013

well, the night was good for a little bit

a great win by the New York Rangers tonight.always good when you can see the kids do well and can start having your mind race to what they might be in a few years. hats off to J.T. Miller on his first 2 NHL goals. not bad for a 19 year old in his first game at MSG. hopefully they keep this kid up for the rest of the season.

and then i sign on to see the shit Debbie Kirk had left on this blog. all of her comments have been removed and the commenting policy has been changed. anyone can still comment, but they will be approved before they are published. there's a 99% chance your comment will be published, but i'm not going to let that sick cunt ruin this blog. i almost forgot what evil looked like...

now, back to storm coverage.

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