Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a bank, a dead cat, some poems, and something funny in Europe

hopefully the title of this post caught your attention. so, on with the show.

went out to feed the cats and was coming up 1 short. i figured since it was fucking freezing out, it was just hiding. so, while out feeding the birds i come across the cat i was missing, face down and frozen solid in the snow. no visible signs of what killed it, so i'm thinking something internal. now you can understand why i don't name these cats until they survive a winter out here.

made a nice little deposit at the bank today and got some poems in order to send out tomorrow. i think we've got some weather coming in on Friday, so i might as well get it all done by tomorrow. at least that's what i think, i'm in one of my avoid the local news as much as i can.

i had a pleasant shock watching AC Milan defeat Barcelona 2-0 in Champions League play today. that was about as bad as i've seen Barcelona play in probably ever. should make for an interesting second leg in Spain in 3 weeks.

i was really disappointed with how the New York Rangers played last night. that had to have been one of the most boring hockey games i have ever witnessed in my life. and i've been watching this sport since my birth. doesn't help that Rick Nash is out with some mystery injury (i'm hearing either concussion or groin) and it certainly doesn't help my fantasy team either. always fun when you get hit with 2 injuries out of the blue in a battle for first in the division. oh well, just another thing for me to bitch about.

for the in case you missed it file:

i stumbled across this the other day. check it out if you'd like to read some of my work from a few years ago.

any old school pro wrestling fans should go check out the Sam Roberts Show Online for episode #44. an interview with Superfly Jimmy Snuka. you can find the episode at iTunes, Stitcher, and at click on podcast and help Sam out if you can.

music today:

Living Colour - Super Hits
Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York

"I don't care what people think. People are stupid." - Charles Barkley

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