Monday, February 4, 2013

how i spent Super Bowl weekend

when i had back spasms last night as i was doing the dishes, i was really hoping the next weather system was going to get through here real soon. as i type, it is snowing sideways outside. damn good thing i got the cats fed before all this shit started.

big sports weekend, of course. the 49ers really let me down. thankfully, i didn't have any money on the game. i did like that the game got really good after the power outage. best thing of that was not having to hear those assholes Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. there are days when i would prefer to be deaf. any Super Bowl on CBS since the Summerall and Madden days have just stunk from a broadcast sense. "hello friends, please don't allow my smug ass holy shit huge ego get in the way of me and my partner doing our best to ruin this game for you." not that i have an opinion or anything. as for the commercials, i did like a few of them. i would say the farmer one was probably my favorite. although, 'i'd fold your panties any day' would be a close second. of course, that's the perv inside of me talking.

got a nice, unexpected win from the New York Rangers Saturday night. amazing what can happen when you play with discipline and constantly engage the opponent. didn't see the trade of Mike Rupp coming but at first blush, i do like it. get 2 younger players at the same price. win.

i am really hoping that the Dayton Flyers have found rock bottom. a total, embarrassing ass whipping at St. Louis on Saturday afternoon. holy shit, it was hard to watch. when the best part is a walk-on hitting a 3, you can just imagine my frustration. sadly, i have no clue if this is bottom or not. next game is on Wednesday. i guess i'm going, not really sure yet. and just ask anyone that knows me, if i'm at that stage during a season, all damn hope is lost.

thankfully, earlier Saturday Wayne Rooney gave Manchester United a very exciting 1-0 win. if the goalies would have been off their games, the game easily could have been 5-4. the lead is now 9 points in the Premier League. i won't be counting my eggs just yet after last year, but i feel pretty damn good about the chances of the title this year.

got a weird, but really cool email on Sunday night from Eric Kennedy, editor of Hidden Animals. he was writing all the writers who were to have work appear in Electric Poet. i remember having work accepted by that zine a long while back but never saw anything. apparently, Eric was one of those writers as well and wants to have a special section at his new zine dedicated to that work. so, i found those poems, eventually, and sent them to him. would be nice to see those poems find a nice home. i will be sure to post any news on that front here on the blog. you can find more about Hidden Animals at

been catching bits and pieces of Trainspotting on Showtime the last few days. one of those movies that i have to stop and watch nearly every time i see it on. of course, it brings back my behind closed doors addiction to 90's electronic music. so, you can imagine what is going on in my head for the last few days.

just a quick reminder, my first full length collection of poetry, "Sofisticated White Trash" is getting really close to being finished. when it hits the streets, be prepared for me whoring it around like a pusher. and if i seem more annoying than usual, my apologies in advance.

music today:

Son House - The Original Delta Blues
Massive Attack - Mezzanine

"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear." - Rosa Parks

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