Thursday, February 28, 2013

time to pinch myself

so, i sat down last night to watch the Dayton Flyers. typical first half. up and down play, allowing the opposing team to go on a 10-0 run, too many turnovers, etc, etc. amazingly, in the second half, the team i thought they were going to be all season showed up. made 9 of their first 10 shots, played great defense, forcing the other team into turnovers. made their free throws, won the rebound battle and literally drove the other team fucking nuts. and mind you, this was on the road. their first road win in the conference this season. and honestly, winning by 21 only gets better when you get to see a posterizing dunk like this one

that dunk was top play #6 on Sportscenter last night on ESPN. hopefully this is the start of a winning streak that just might save their season. next game is at home on Saturday. another must win.

i wrote 3 poems last night and typed them up earlier today. i think one of them may be the best thing i've written in some time. i suppose time will tell on that one. they will probably be sent out sometime in the next few weeks. as March Madness approaches, i have roughly 10 basketball games i will be seeing in person in a 6 day stretch. after that chaos, i should have plenty of time to get back to the poems.

the snow has melted and it's just another dreary day out here on the farm. although it's amazing what an unexpected victory beer and a good poem does for my disposition. i completely understand why i'm a loner. i have no doubt it actually makes the world a better place.

an oh by the way news flash, my poem "many more miles down this road" appears on page 19 in Potters Wheel Anthology Vol. 1.

hopefully my good mood continues tonight as the New York Rangers play another home game. they are getting some injured players back i believe, so maybe it will. i had another injury on my fantasy hockey team, unexpected of course, but shockingly, i am ok with the player i got to replace him with.

i just know this positive vibe can't last forever. just hoping to stay on the wave as long as i can.


John Coltrane - The Very Best Of John Coltrane
Beth Orton - Sugaring Season

"I am a hopeless romantic. And I won't stop till I get it right." - Halle Berry

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