Monday, February 11, 2013

and here comes the wind

but first, about my Sunday. a pretty damn good one considering how my life has been for the last 2 weeks or so. first off, a nice and tidy 2-0 win by Manchester United. Ryan Giggs and Robin van Persie with the goals. they have a huge match in a few days against Real Madrid in Champions League play. i'm really looking forward to this one. if they can win in Spain it might have me thinking about... fuck, i'm not going to say it and jinx anything.

next up, a nice 5-1 win for the New York Rangers. i think they have found the right combinations this year finally. hopefully i am correct. not much time to make up for the early season stumbles.

i'm now 1/2 game out of first place in fantasy hockey. not sure how i have done it with the number of changes i have already had to make. of course, i will take luck as long as it is working for me.

i enjoyed the Grammys last night for the most part. i actually knew most of the people in it this year. not sure if that's my musical tastes are changing or i'm simply just more aware.

as for the Sunday night shows i normally watch, Shameless takes the prize for last night. i totally didn't see the little girl with a penis coming at all. as for House of Lies, why does part of me think that's more like how Matt Damon really is like in real life? Girls was a bit odd and Californication always makes me laugh.

as for today, the wind has been wicked today. most of the buildings here on the farm were built in the 1800's. so, i'm just waiting for the one big gust to blow something down. i've been out here since 1997 and so far, only pieces of a roof have been victim to the wind.

i did manage to write 3 more poems today and get the trash cans before they blew down the road. add on getting the dishes done and i'd like to think i've been somewhat productive today. i'll probably type up the poems tomorrow, unless wrestling bores me to death tonight.

i truly enjoy when people try to comment on this blog with fake names and whatnot. it truly amuses me. like i'm going to become frustrated or something. please.

music today:

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
B.B. King - Blues Summit

"Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours." - James A. Baldwin

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