Saturday, February 9, 2013

like a punch to the gut

been back home for a few hours now. thought i would compose my thoughts before i would blog about the game i went to today and rant like a motherfucker.

shitty officiating, but that was for both teams. Dayton missed way too many fucking free throws for as many as they took. neither team quite frankly deserved to win the game. but, when you are up by 10 with 5 minutes to go you should never, ever, ever fucking lose at home by 1. especially when the officials give you every chance to win the game and your 5th year senior can't make at least 1 of the 2 biggest free throws of his life. these are the games i hate as i will spend the next few hours thinking and replaying the damn thing in my mind.

after the game, went to my favorite sports bar and had a few drinks and some bad for you food to just unwind. a bit at least. i did get some enjoyment when i saw that Manchester City lost today. now, if Manchester United can win tomorrow the lead will be 12 points and i will absolutely think everyone else in the Premier League is playing for second place.

mother nature is putting a huge wrinkle in my fantasy sports. thankfully i don't have too many guys on the teams that have had their games postponed. hopefully the New York Rangers game will go on tomorrow night as planned. the team they are playing, Tampa Bay, is coming from Boston. i bet that will be a fun trip.

a busy Sunday as i will somehow squeeze in Manchester United, the New York Rangers, The Grammys, Girls, Shameless, House of Lies and Californication while trying to get some sleep as well.

as for tonight, i might as well just write as i don't have much interest in watching that ass clown host Saturday Night Live. might have to flip between Austin City Limits and ROH until i just give up and fall asleep.

so much for a day at 12:45 PM i thought was going to be nice, sunny, fuck, even serene. welcome back to reality asshole.

music today:

Howlin' Wolf - The Definitive Collection
Various Artists - Millennium Funk Party

"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise." - Alice Walker

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