Thursday, February 14, 2013

oh so close yet so damn far away

let me start with last night. i was feeling pretty damn good about myself until i watched the New York Rangers blow a 3 goal lead. now, they did come back to win the game 4-3 in a shootout. but, no lead like that should be given up with just 11 minutes to go in the game. but, i decided to try to focus on the positive. the win. the 2 points. beating Boston 2 out of 3 games.

now, for today. i did my best to keep my expectations and my emotions level while waiting for the Manchester United game against Real Madrid. of course, once the game started i was my usual loud, obnoxious self. a great goal from Danny Welbeck 20 minutes in and i'm feeling great. then, of course, CR7 ties it 10 minutes later. Real Madrid controlled most of the rest of the game. Manchester United's goalkeeper played the best game i have ever seen him play for the team. RVP had a few chances late to steal the game, but, all in all, a draw is not that bad actually. away goals are huge in these events. so, now just win the home leg in March and the team advances. as for Gus Johnson, not a bad job announcing for that big of a stage. a few mistakes but nothing awful. i was worried the Gus effect was going to take place in the game. thankfully it didn't happen. if you want some fun go here: and play around. or, if you happen to be at work, piss off a co-worker with it. as for the referee, who the fuck blows the final whistle when a team is getting ready to take a corner kick? there's 20 minutes of screaming i'll never get back. leave it to the Germans to try and ruin everything.

that brings me to the Dayton Flyers. for some fucking reason, they can't beat Rhode Island. a team that has fucking sucked for as long as i can remember and Dayton plays them like they are a UCLA team under John Wooden. so, as usual given the scenario i just laid out, Dayton loses on the road by 3 to a team that now has 7 wins on the season. thank god i didn't have a chance to watch this debacle. the biggest game of the season comes up this weekend (noon Saturday on ESPN2) and i am absolutely not looking forward to it. not sure if i can stomach watching those assholes from down south celebrate on our floor once again.

found out today (or yesterday as it now past midnight here) that my sister won't be here until the weekend. not sure what to expect but hopefully it will be a nice diversion in case Dayton loses again.

also, heard back from Five 2 One Magazine on my poetry submission from back in November. they have decided to pass.

hope everyone has a good valentine's day or at the very least, a better than you expected one. i'm not a big fan of the hallmark holidays, of course, i'm single. i imagine if i wasn't i'd be singing a different tune.

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"The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams." - Tupac Shakur

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