Thursday, January 24, 2013

where to begin

first off, a thank you to all of you who commented on my first video. i have 2 more i need to post and will do that sometime later today. i did all of these as more of a fuck it, just do it, kind of thing than anything else. i figure i'm 37, what the fuck am i waiting for? i have no clue where all of this will end up, just hoping to enjoy the ride.

i didn't get to go to the Dayton Flyers game last night. my mother had her knee appointment changed (oh how i love insurance companies) and made it home too late for us to get to the game. not a big deal as it was on television. her verdict on her knee, drum roll please, no torn ligaments. thankfully. BUT, arthritis and 2 huge bone spurs. so, sometime this summer, she gets to go through knee replacement. FUN.

as for the game, this was exactly what Dayton needed. a complete and total beat down. they absolutely destroyed Fordham by 45 points. it was pretty nice to watch as i really didn't need to yell and scream that much. i think the only lead the other team had was 3-0. hopefully, the game on the weekend is similar.

i also got to watch the New York Rangers finally get a win. a fantastic game to watch. god, i missed hockey. a hat trick for Gaborik (which really helps my fantasy team) with the 3rd goal coming as the overtime winner. another big one coming tonight vs. Philly. hopefully the dominance from last season continues.

got a nice letter yesterday from Lee Thorn. he's started publishing people on his blog. i will be sending him some work in the next few weeks. you can find the blog here:

check back here later for the videos. i actually make an appearance in these.

music today:

Bassnectar - Freestyle Mixtape

"If other people are going to talk, conversation becomes impossible." - James Whistler

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