Monday, January 21, 2013

37 years and counting

today is my 37th birthday. got a little birthday snow from mother nature.
thankfully, not as much snow as they got south of me. 2 huge wrecks as well. oh, as you can also tell, got a digital camera from my mother. i will try to bring some pictures to this blog. hopefully. got some pretty cool shit from my sister as well. a hockey jersey, new wallet, playing cards, birthday cinnamon toast crunch muffins, etc. not bad at all.

as for my sports teams, what a weekend to forget. 2 losses by the New York Rangers. too depressing to even go on about. 2 points dropped by Manchester United. that made my birthday lunch way more subdued than i was planning for. i was way too pissed to enjoy much at all.

i did manage to get 1 of the NFL playoff games right. not really looking forward to the Super Bowl. of course, maybe in 2 weeks i'll be hyped for it. who knows.

thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. i imagine i'll spend the rest of the day fucking around with my camera, watching some sports, get a little reading in and perhaps some sleep as the temps fall to the single digits. not sure how well i'll sleep while thinking about the possibility of old pipes freezing. fun.

music today:

Tom Waits - Mule Variations

and now, from another birthday boy

"I'm not against half naked girls - not as often as I'd like to be." - Benny Hill

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