Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the sun finally shines on my ass

welcome to anyone who is here because of The Sam Roberts Show Online. more on that in a moment.

i sent off 6 poems today. 3 each to Pyrokinection and Napalm and Novocain. if any poems get accepted, i will post the good news as soon as i get it. rejection notes may take a little longer...

was totally blown away when Primetime Sam Roberts mentioned this blog in episode #26 (Feeling Strong) of The Sam Roberts Show Online. you can find that here enjoy the shows and help the man out if you can.

i'm also a little pumped up that Manchester United is very, very close to getting RvP and Angelo Henriquez. once both signings become official, a matter of time is what i'm hearing, i'll be full of shits and giggles for league play to start this weekend.

hats off to Hiroki Kuroda for his 2 hit shutout of Texas last night. i definitely caught myself thinking holy shit, he's gonna throw a no-no. and the game had a playoff feel going as well. if Swisher can come through like that in the playoffs for a change, shine up the rings for another championship my friends. here's hoping Sweaty Freddy and the Yankees can get another one tonight.

a hello to my friend in California. you will get better. and soon. keep at the hard work and you shall be rewarded.

lastly, i believe i heard some new kittens when i went out to feed the cats today. from the way she was acting, i believe they belong to Rita Dove. i didn't hunt much for them as if they are hers, these would be her first ones. i figure i will give it a month and then see how they are doing. she's a pretty lean and mean cat, so it wouldn't shock me if they are dead soon. but stranger things have happened at this zoo, i mean farm.

music today:

Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union
Ben Harper - Give Till It's Gone
Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

"A leader is a dealer in hope." - Napoleon Bonaparte

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