Saturday, August 25, 2012

the day turned to shit around noon

so, i got in this morning from feeding the cats and birds just as Manchester United was getting scored on. fucking great, this is going to be a long day i start thinking. thankfully, RvP decides he's going to pull a spectacular goal out from his ass and sets Old Trafford on fire. 2 more goals in the first half from the boys and i'm feeling good. then the usual try to not lose instead of trying to win costs them and their shitty, shitty injury filled defense. they win 3-2 but it wouldn't be a Manchester United game without an injury. a nasty, nasty, NASTY gash to Wayne Rooney's thigh. seriously, i'm talking fucking shark week nasty here. early reports are he's going to be out a month. just fucking great.

scouted out a few new places to send poetry to and did the dishes between soccer matches from Italy, Spain and Germany. thank you DIRECTV.

and then the Yankees. after watching Tampa Bay lose earlier in the day, here's a great chance to stretch the lead a bit. of course, Kuroda has one bad inning and the Yankees only can muster one fucking hit with runners in scoring position (out of the 9 damn at bats they had) and lose 3-1. this will go down in the wasted opportunity column if they blow the division this year. at least they were kind enough to get the damn game over in under 3 hours.

kind of shocked Magic Johnson would do something good for Boston, apparently hell has frozen over. hopefully the Red Sox blow that quarter of a billion dollars they are saving in the trade on more shitty players. makes it more fun for this Yankee fan.

music today:

The Who - Who's Next
Matthew Perryman Jones - Land Of The Living

"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." - Neil Armstrong

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