Sunday, August 5, 2012

a sleepless Sunday

after some shitty sleep, more on that later, woke up to watch Manchester United in Norway. a rare, entertaining 0-0 game. the other team's goalie made some spectacular saves. the team seems to be rounding into a good form. the season starts in less than 2 weeks.

was very nice to actually see the Yankees win a series for a change. a comfortable 6-2 win. decent pitching by Sweaty Freddy, better pitching by the bullpen, some timely hitting and a long homer from Ibanez. next up are the Tigers and Verlander. great.

watched a little bit of the Olympics today but not much. nothing really worth writing about.

my mind has been in a little of a fog since a phone call early this morning (like 2 a.m. early) from my brother from another mother about his newborn son. didn't really know what was up until this afternoon. looks like the kid will be ok (fingers crossed) as the doctors seem to believe they know what's going on. i suppose time will tell. and hopefully he decides 3 is enough.

some Sunday night tv is in order as i've got all the tedious shit i had to for my book sent off. and then, hopefully, sleep.

music today:

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

"Chaos is the score upon which reality is written." - Henry Miller

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