Sunday, December 6, 2015

what a long ass day

so, i'm typing this from my new computer. i've been up for god knows how long. i didn't sleep well at all. i was hoping a little hard liquor was going to do the trick. sadly i was wrong. but before i get into my long ass Saturday, i need to wrap up my Friday.

Undateable was brilliant once again. NJPW was pretty good. and The Knick was spectacular.

i typed up the 5 poems i wrote the other day on the new computer. i wanted to make sure i had the printer set up correctly and wanted to get used to typing on a regular keyboard once again. shit, it feels weird using a mouse again. but, i won't miss the touch screen at all. as for the poems, i really like them. i have a monster batch of poems ready to unleash on the world. i plan on doing that sometime in the next week. a nice final blast for 2015.

i watched the Manchester United game this morning. i took a shower at halftime, hoping they would do something since i wasn't watching. of course, that didn't happen. yet another 0-0 draw. if i wasn't such a fucking fanatic, i would have given up on this team.
hopefully they know, they HAVE to win their next game in the Champions League.

after that. mom came home with some groceries. i helped put those away and then it was off to see the Dayton Flyers play. Dayton was facing one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the country and Dayton has struggled defending the 3. so i was fearing the worst today. thankfully, the boys got going and kept their foot on the neck of the opponent. Dayton beat North Florida 86-71. and for most of the game, it didn't feel that close.
they next play at Vanderbilt. that will be a tough one for sure.

after the game, we went straight to Best Buy to get the new computer. mom had them put the business version of Office on here. and for the first time, she had them put it in my name. so, i have a Microsoft account now. not that i'll use it or anything. the dude that helped us was pretty cool. that was shocking as most of the Geek Squad there absolutely fucking suck. after that, it was time to eat.

not sure why after not eating for over 8 hours i chose to go to Waffle House. i guess mom really wanted it and i am a glutton for punishment.

once we got home it was plenty of cleaning and then setting up the new computer. it's been a while since i have been on a Dell. but, i think this one should work pretty good.

enjoy some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

i've been writing this while watching/listening to Saturday Night Live and now ROH. i believe i also recorded Austin City Limits tonight as well. i'll probably be up for a few more hours so i'll check those out.

i didn't bother to watch any of the college football games today. i figured it would take a miracle for Ohio State to make it back into the playoffs.

the New Orleans Saints play Carolina tomorrow/later today. i fear how bad the Saints are going to lose.

the New York Rangers will try to end another losing streak when they play Ottawa Sunday night. i'm hoping to be enjoying a victory beer later in the evening.

on the DVR Sunday night will be Homeland and The Affair.

sorry, i have to stop typing, Dalton Castle is on ROH right now.

not sure how my fantasy football teams are going to do tomorrow. if all 3 win, i believe i will be in the playoffs in all 3 leagues. i have never done that before, so i'm really hoping it happens.

i suppose i should actually go read the paper now, or maybe my mail. thankfully, all the Christmas gifts i ordered have made it here. now it's just the small shit i need to do and find the right obituary pages to wrap the gifts in.

i hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday. i hope your Sunday is even better. i will be back on here sometime Monday.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Hippo Campus - Suicide Saturday
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
Nine Inch Nails - Lights in the Sky

"They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic." - Steven Wright

and your whatever the fuck i want you to see video of the day:

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