Saturday, April 25, 2015

what a night

welcome to the 25th day of National Poetry Month. today, i'm shining a light on a poet i have really admired over the years, the Poet Spiel. a great writer, an incredible artist, all in all, one of those rare breeds that can do a bit of everything really fucking good. i hope you enjoy the links below and find something you want to share or even BUY.

the New York Rangers got off to a great start last night, scoring on the power play (what a concept) early in the first period. the Penguins tied the game in the second on a goal that shouldn't of counted, but i figured it would as all of those fucks that work in the office in Toronto are all ex-Rangers that are fucking bitter about their time in New York. no scoring in the 3rd, which set up yet another OT that would finish 2-1. knowing that the Rangers won the other 3 games in this series 2-1, i felt confident. OT was wide the fuck open. both teams wanted to finish the game off. that made for some entertaining hockey. and then Carl Hagelin scored the biggest goal of his life:
that lead to this:
here are the highlights from the game. 12 more wins to go boys:

the New York Yankees got some more great pitching last night and used the long ball to beat the Mets 6-1. that made me really happy as it stopped the Mets from setting their longest winning streak in franchise history. they will play again this afternoon.

i decided to not have victory beers last night and turned to the hard liquor. 1 glass, 2 ice cubes, Jameson Irish Whiskey and some Coca-Cola. by the second one, it was a little more liquor than cola. good times.

my apologies to the muse for not calling her last night. rain + bone spurs = pain. pain + liquor = sleep.

here's a little late night music for you:

hate to cut this short, but mom and i are getting ready to go south of town to take some papers to be shredded and then she wants to go out furniture shopping. i figure this also means lunch out in public. i suppose i should put on some deodorant.

i did watch VICE last night. another great fucking episode.

on the DVR today will be ROH. i believe Saturday Night Live is a rerun. i think Austin City Limits will end up on the DVR even though it's a rerun as well. i think Jack White is on.

that's all for me today. it's supposed to rain all day long, so i'm really thrilled. hope everyone is having a great weekend. or at the very least, not waking up in a strange bed after a wild Friday night.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Rival Sons - Electric Man
U2 - All I Want Is You
Empire of the Sun - Alive

"One does not become a guru by accident." - James Fenton

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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