Sunday, April 5, 2015

depression and easter candy...

today on the 5th day of National Poetry Month, i'd like to shine a little light on another zine i absolutely fucking love, Nerve Cowboy.

Nerve Cowboy is one of the zines i am most proud of to be published by. the quality of the work within each issue is on par with ANY zine in the world, small press, academic, snob poetry, etc. do yourself a favor and go the site,, click on chapbooks or subscriptions and support this wonderful magazine. it will be well worth your time and money.

i went over to the farm this morning to get all the trash down to the end of the lane. there was a ton of it. i'm sure the garbage men are going to be thrilled. of course, since today is a holiday, my sister and i got into it. my sister likes to think she runs shit when she comes down here. mom allows her to think that way too much (my opinion) so, every once in a while, i try to bring my sister back to reality. but god forbid tell her to shut her mouth when it comes to shit i want to keep at the new house. as i warned my mother, allowing my sister to buy her this house was going to give her full reign in her mind to do whatever the fuck she wants with it. and sure enough, slowly this is becoming like her place. i don't think my sister knows i heard her this morning after our little argument when she asked my mother if she has her will done or not. i took that as yet another shot at me and my depression and whatnot. i would think my sister and my mother would both know by now i will kill myself before i would do anything to them. they have already showed what i mean to them over the years by making sure to celebrate each holiday with the cousin that molested me. i'm the one that gets to grapple with loneliness. good times.

so, on that lovely note, on with this shit...

the New York Rangers whipped the shit out of the Devils last night, 6-1. that gives them 50 wins for the 4th time in franchise history. here are some highlights from the win:

i did watch most of the Final Four last night. i wasn't shocked that Wisconsin beat Kentucky. i was a little shocked at how easily Duke won. the Kentucky loss killed my main bracket, so i have no interest in the title game on Monday night. thankfully, there will be plenty of other shit on to watch.

i'm trailing badly in my fantasy hockey championship match. hopefully in this final week, the worm will turn.

for those of you concerned, my ankle is still attached to my body. it feels a little better today. i'm guessing that's because there's no rain in the area. now, most of next week i will be a pissy mess as it's supposed to rain just about every single fucking day. good times.

that's all for today. hope the Saturday night hangover isn't fucking with you too bad today.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
Joe Bonamassa - Midnight Blues (Live)
Michael Burks - Cross Eyed Woman
Brian Keith Wallen - Truth Is...
Tinsley Ellis - In From the Cold

"Poems in a way are spells against death. They are milestones, to see where you were then from where you are now. To perpetuate your feelings, to establish them. If you have in any way touched the central heart of mankind's feelings, you'll survive." - Richard Eberhart

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