Friday, July 28, 2017

late night theatre

i was up late last night watching the shit show in the US Senate. thank god for John McCain. he couldn't pass up one last chance to stick it to Trump. classic one asshole getting the better of another asshole. he more or less took a shit on the desk and then rubbed the rest of the Republicans' faces in it. so, of course, what Trump will do now is defund everything that has to do with the ACA so it fails. i laugh at the trouble every old white person in this country has with anything President Obama was successful with. if they really looked at his policies and realize he was closer to a moderate Republican than he ever was to a socialist Democrat, they could see just how racist they are. but, Trump will make a fucking mess out of this country yet and just like the last time, it will be up to a black male or a female to clean it up.

the New York Yankees pissed away a 3 run lead last night but chipped away late to send the game into extra innings. Brett Gardner hit a walk off home run in the 11th inning and the Yankees beat Tampa 6-5. hopefully they can keep it rolling tonight. they are just 1/2 game out of first place in the division.

Big Brother went as i expected last night. Ramses was evicted and Paul is the new HOH. Jessica told the house and the rest of America watching on television about the secret temptation she won. hopefully Paul doesn't waste his week by nominating her and Cody. all Jessica will do is stop the eviction from happening and then it would be like the past week never happened.

Vice News Tonight had another great week of shows.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be VICE, NJPW and Room 104.

the grocery store was busy as hell today. of course, i went a little before 1 in the afternoon. the elderly were having lunch in the store at all the free food spots. plus, they were stocking the shelves at the same time. good thing i look like someone you wouldn't want to fuck with. i had to get some over the counter medication and mom wanted to restock the freezer, so i knew there was no chance of keeping it under $100. after all was said and done, the final bill was around $150 or so. that's not bad considering i got about $50 off with coupons and the one medication was around $40.

i will probably be on here tomorrow in the morning. i know mom wants me to take her shopping sometime tomorrow. that should be interesting. she doesn't want to be crazy like the last time, so i'm guessing it's something local where we'll be back home in 15 minutes or so.

i hope everyone has a great weekend.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet
Tori Amos - Cloud Riders
John Moreland - Break My Heart Sweetly
Gary Jules - Mad World

"Everything important that I have done can be put into a little suitcase." - Marcel Duchamp

and your whatever the fuck i wanted you to see video of the day:

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