Saturday, November 21, 2015

this was almost going to be a happy story

i was in a pretty good mood until i got home from the grocery store to watch the last few minutes of the Ohio State game. i could tell from listening on the radio, they weren't playing well today. i got to see it with my own eyes the last 7 minutes and they honestly looked like they were spent. that the emotions of senior day and the weight of the winning streak and trying to repeat as national champions finally broke them. hopefully they all understand that they have no chance of doing that now. all they need to focus on is winning next week against that shit school up north and then go collect all the free shit at your bowl game.

thankfully, i have a couple of victory beers coming to me.

but first, let's start back at yesterday.

the drive up to Columbus was crazy. nothing quite like driving 15 MPH over the speed limit and you're still getting passed by other vehicles. the traffic in Columbus is fucking nuts. i suppose since i have never lived in anywhere near a big town, i'm just not used to it. i'm a very aggressive driver and i expect everyone else to be so as well. i learned a long time ago he who hesitates, loses.

it was good to see my sister again. she got me a poetry book from South Africa and a bottle opener that's made from ivory i believe.

the game went completely different than i thought it would. the Blue Jackets got off to a great start, scoring on their first 2 shots. then, their goalie started to stand on his head:
that was a 4-0 win i never saw coming.

we went to Steak 'n Shake after the game and the service was fucking atrocious. but, on the plus side, i should have plenty to write about. the drive home took longer than it did to get up there. so many damn semis and of course, there was a fucking accident because of them. we got off way before we normally do and took the back roads home.

i watched Undateable about as soon as i walked in the door. it was brilliant as always. The Knick was awesome once again. and NJPW was a full hour of AJ Styles vs. Tanahashi.

enjoy some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

so after about 3 hours of sleep, i was up to watch Manchester United. with all their injury concerns, i didn't expect much. Memphis scored early, which made me very happy. Watford drew even late on a penalty kick and thankfully, the same guy that scored on the pk scored an own goal for a smash and grab 2-1 win for United. that moves them to second in the league. imagine what this team could be if everyone would be healthy.

after that, some breakfast, some emails and then i was off to see the Dayton Flyers take on William & Mary. i knew this was going to be a tough game. i didn't know that the officials were also going to be playing against the Flyers today. and sadly, on some plays, it was beyond fucking obvious that someone knew that Dayton was a 8 1/2 point favorite and they were going to make sure they made some money today. Dayton fell behind by double figures in the first half. thankfully, they came out on fire in the second half. it came to the end and Dayton held on for a 69-66 win. i guess the officials got what they wanted.

we got some lunch after the game and then went to the grocery store. what was going to be let's just get the 5 things on our list turned into another shopping trip for next door. i quite frankly don't understand why mom jumps at the chance to help them. i understand it's her brother, but he also has 4 children that can go get them shit as well.

of course, this always turns into mom helping the people who gave birth to the cousin that molested me in my mind. and i always swallow my fucking pride and help. one day the world will not be so fucking lucky.

mom got tired as we were in the store and apparently didn't hear me say don't forget the coupons as she went and paid for their food without giving the cashier the coupons. and since it was already closed out by the time she finally did hear me, they couldn't do anything about it.

this always makes me chuckle as i have never been allowed to make any mistakes in my life. i always figured any mistake i made would cost me even more of my father's love. of course, my mother never did anything to change this thought in my head. so i brutalize myself anytime i make a mistake. that also includes getting poems rejected, fucking up dinner, not hanging a picture exactly level, etc. etc. it more or less has me at the point where i don't try anything because i don't want to fail. while i completely understand this will stop me from ever being great or reaching my potential, i still fall into the same fucking trap.

as you might imagine, the cauldron is boiling boys and girls. and look, here come the holidays...

on the DVR tonight will be Saturday Night Live and ROH.

i've been typing this while watching/listening to the New York Rangers game. hopefully i will have highlights of a victory to share tomorrow, that is if the YouTube feature of this fucking blog is working correctly.

if you ever want to see what could have been in this blog if that YouTube feature was working correctly, check out my Google+ page.

i hope everyone has a great weekend. we might get some light snow tonight. i guess winter is coming and so is my never ending pain.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


B.B. King - Everyday I Have The Blues (Live)

"Tears are the silent language of grief." - Voltaire

and your whatever the fuck i want you to see video of the day:

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