Friday, November 20, 2015

sometimes they don't walk back through that door

i was pretty sure this blog today was going to be about the New York Rangers losing last night, or how much i liked the television shows last night, or how i have a crazy sports Saturday coming up... but i got some news this morning that completely punched me right in the gut.

Doug and i have exchanged emails and letters for years. he was one of my favorites in the crazy world of poetry i try to live in. he was one of the few that always would send me an email of encouragement or complimenting me about something i wrote. and considering he's going to be part of the next book i'm in, i was really hoping to finally meet him and shoot the shit in person.

so my hope is if you never had the chance to read his work, the next few links and videos will give you a sense of who Doug Draime was. 

do yourself a favor and do a Google search and share Doug's work with the world.

goodbye my friend. rest in peace. you will be greatly missed.

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