Wednesday, November 4, 2015

this could only be my life

before i get to a rather frustrating and funny bathroom situation today, here's an update on my uncle. the oncologist told my uncle that he has adenocarcinoma. it is between his spleen and colon. they told him that without treatment, he has probably 3 to 6 months. with treatment, he probably has maybe a year to 18 months. of course, he still has another scan to do that will determine the type of chemo he gets. he does want to do treatment, so he's fighting. the part that scares me is the cancer has probably made it into the lungs and i know where it goes from there. this is the same type of cancer my stepfather had. his went from his lungs to his bones and then to his brain. and my uncle's cancer is far enough along that it is certainly in stage 4.

i did go over and sit with him yesterday, just sort of shooting the shit. i figure i take out the man's trash, i can sit on his couch. of course, after 60 minutes of shooting the shit, i was ready to go. we mostly talked about the pot issue that was being voted on yesterday and life on the farm.

i wasn't surprised that pot failed in this state. the bible thumpers have this state by the balls. i figure the only way medicinal marijuana becomes legal in this state is if jesus comes down and tells all these stupid fucks that it should be. it still amazes me that so many people vote against their own best interest.

ok, so here's the story of why i was taking a shower 20 minutes after taking a shit. mom had left to go with my uncle to his doctor's appointment. i figured, given my luck, i would have a nasty shit while she was gone. sure enough at noon, my stomach started rumbling. in the process of wiping my ass, my back locked up. this is always fun. it more or less becomes just how much fucking pain can i take. somehow, while wiping and wincing in pain, i knocked some shit down into my underwear and shorts. just my luck, i didn't know i did this. so, imagine my joy when i pull up my underwear and shorts when i'm finished and then notice shit on my left leg. this is when i started to laugh as i know this could only be my fucking life. thankfully, the shower is right next to the toilet. of course, it's not exactly easy showering with a bad back. add on to that i'm trying to make sure i don't step in any shit that the water might break off. i know a fucker in Sweden that's laughing his ass off reading this.

to top my day off with a cherry, my doctor called today and had me schedule an appointment for Monday to go over some results. i figure this will be when they tell me i have some fucking disease. good times.

Manchester United actually fucking scored yesterday. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. even better, it was Wayne Rooney that did it. a HUGE win over CSKA Moscow that puts them on top of the group.

the New York Rangers were very sloppy last night and spent nearly the whole damn night in their own zone. amazingly, they still won 5-2. that to me is a huge win over a really good team, albeit the Capitals were their usual whiny bitchy pussy selves last night. that makes it even better when the Rangers eliminate them from the playoffs year after year. enjoy some highlights:

enjoy some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

The Muppets was pretty funny last night. it also gave an important life lesson every male should know. never ask an ex for help picking out a gift for the new girlfriend. NEVER. The Voice was a recap show that showed the road to the live shows. i am really looking forward to the live shows. Scream Queens was hilarious last night. the ending was really good.

on the DVR tonight will be American Horror Story and You're The Worst. i will be watching NXT and probably Table for 3 on WWE Network.

i got some great FREE music on NoiseTrade today. i will put the links down in the music section.

amazingly, i got most of the people i wanted for fantasy football this week. i have one team with all 3 starting wide receivers on bye weeks. that was a hilarious oh shit moment when i figured that out yesterday. i've been tinkering with my fantasy hockey team as i really need to find the right mix of players quickly. it doesn't help that i'm facing the best team in the league this week.

that's all for me today kids. i am fucking drained. my back is killing me. and i have had enough cancer talk for my next lifetime. hopefully some wrestling and some horror will take my mind off things.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


The Suffers - Make Some Room

"Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to somebody else." - Will Rogers

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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