Wednesday, June 24, 2015

hello anger, we have missed you

the New York Yankees pissed me off so much last night that i didn't even bother to realize that my DVR didn't record Tyrant, a show i truly love. i'm going to put the blame on myself and my relationship with technology, although a sane man would argue that the Yankees shitty pitching for the last 3 games is a good enough reason for anyone to blow a fucking fuse.

i understand that in the game of baseball, sometimes shit happens. but, when you lose to the worst team in baseball again last night, 11-6, it's fucking inexcusable. what makes it worst was they fought back to get the game to 6-6 and then pissed away chance after chance to go ahead. they blew the game in the 9th when they gave up 5 runs. i believe it's the first time the Phillies have scored 11 runs in back to back games in almost a decade. CC only went 4 2/3 last night, so i guess Ivan Nova, coming back from Tommy John surgery, will have to pitch a complete game when they play this afternoon. fuck me runnin'.

here's a little music as i clean my own damn pallet from the shitty taste of last night's game:

i wrote 5 poems yesterday while in the waiting room of mom's doctor's office. i think 2 or 3 of them are really good. i typed them up last night while i was drinking in anger. i guess i should actually check them to make sure i didn't make any mistakes.

WWE Tough Enough was pretty good last night. some parts were a little too much Jersey Shore for my liking, but oh well. the after show on the WWE Network was excellent. The Miz was truly in his element given all the times he has been on reality shows.

Deadliest Catch was excellent last night. it will be interesting to see how Jake does as a captain.

i planned ahead this time and made sure i have Tyrant scheduled to record. of course, i will have to wait until next Tuesday to catch up. of course, i might check later in the week to see if the episode i missed is on demand. fucking technology.

here's some funny shit from last night:

on top of tonight being pro wrestling night, my summer guilty pleasure comes back, Big Brother. it is the perfect show for insomniacs and evil geniuses. that will be on the DVR (fingers crossed), along with ROH and Lucha Underground. i will be watching NXT on the WWE Network when the other shows are on. i haven't decided if i'm going to watch TNA tonight or not. i may just check out the YouTube clips.

mom is feeling pretty crappy today. the heat does her no help with her disease. i was a little shocked when she told me yesterday she decided to go through with another procedure on her ear. it's the same one that nearly killed her last time. not literally, but she did look like she was being electrocuted at the moment the needle went in. she told me they are planning on knocking her out as best they can this time around. of course, i will be in the room like last time, so i can't wait to see how this goes. the first one did nothing for her. maybe this time will work. i won't get my hopes up, that's for sure.

if the Yankees do get swept today, i know i will end up shaving my head. i plan on leaving this funky beard i've got going, but the hair on top will be gone. that would actually feel nice in this heat. so, i figure the Yankees will win today to spite me.

that's really all for me today. i've got trash cans to go get and hopefully the mail is here by now. hope everyone is doing good. if not, you now have discovered the reasons for drugs and alcohol.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


James - Laid
Kiss - War Machine
Bon Iver - Skinny Love
The Midwestern Charm - Bloodbath
Supagroup - Jailbait (Live)

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." - Ambrose Bierce

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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