Thursday, June 18, 2015

at least there was a few hours of sunshine

mom has decided to spend her birthday week going through all the boxes here at the house. have i mentioned that most of the boxes are in the garage and the garage doesn't have air conditioning. talk about working in a damn sauna. thankfully, we must have got enough done yesterday that she didn't so much out there today.

mom wanted to go out for lunch today, so we did. we had a guy do some work on our furnace and air conditioner today, so it ended up being a late lunch. after that, we did a little shopping. i'm trying to find a stand for wine glasses, not one that you attach to anything. of course, didn't find it. but, i did find a commemorative football about Ohio State winning the national championship. so, i got that instead. plus, i was looking for some frames. of course, they are all odd sizes, so no luck there either. but i did find some black construction paper that will allow me to finish another project i have for some autograph photos i have. if we would have made it back home before the storms hit, it would have been a perfect day. but that didn't happen. nothing like driving and seeing HUGE lightning bolts hitting the ground a few miles from you. the rain was coming down so hard at one point i felt like a damn storm chaser. i avoided the highway as i figured some fucker would cause an accident. so, i drove a little out of the way, but made it home.

now enjoy a musical break:

the New York Yankees finally won last night, 2-1. they got some great pitching and just enough offense to get it done. they hopefully get the split in the series tonight. they are currently leading in the game.

wrestling last night was very good. sadly, the storms fucked with my viewing for most of the night. so that means i didn't watch much of ROH and TNA at all. but what i did see was awesome.

the match on Lucha Underground last night was spectacular. hats off to Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma for some excellent story telling and some true HOLY SHIT moments. enjoy the highlights:

on NXT last night, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe beat the shit out of each other. i didn't expect a clean finish as i expect these two will feud with each other for a few more months. plus, the package they put together about Finn Balor was top notch. enjoy both below:

while enjoying a victory beer, i came across some pretty funny shit on tv last night:

i suppose i will flip between some baseball and soccer tonight. on the DVR will be Smackdown (mostly because of Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro) and The Comedians.

if my arthritis allows it tonight, i'd like to get some writing done. or, get a project done with my sports collectibles. if the way i feel now is any indication, it most likely won't happen.

do give the Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast a listen this week. it's a very good show:

that's all for me today. i hope the weather is better wherever you are. i'm currently having a conversation with someone on Google+ who tells me she's this hot woman in Florida but currently is in Nigeria. gee, wonder when the money scam starts.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Walk The Moon - Burning Down The House (Live)
The Dollyrots - High School Never Ends
Wussy - Beautiful
Dawes - Time Spent in Los Angeles
The Holydrug Couple - Baby, I'm Going Away

"I don't work at being ordinary." - Paul McCartney

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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