Thursday, May 21, 2015

still no sunshine...

i was all ready last night. i had a very good dinner. the Yankees had a lead. i had a "new" lucky t-shirt on. i was all set up to watch the New York Rangers show that Game 2 was just a blip. well, so much for that.

the Rangers got off to a 2 goal lead. they promptly gave up the next 4. they came back to tie it at 4. gave up another one. and then tied it again late in the 3rd period. 5-5 going to overtime. and sure enough, i flip back to the game in time to see Tampa win in OT 6-5. not exactly sure where the best defense in the playoffs has gone to. i got the feeling that they thought they could out run and gun Tampa. i would agree with that theory if Rick Nash was scoring goals, let alone all the other fuckers on the team that have done nothing. i'll go ahead and say that Game 4 on Friday is a MUST WIN situation. there's no fucking chance in hell they are coming back from being down 3-1 in this series.

by the way, the Yankees blew their lead and lost 3-2. they are off again tonight. they play at home on Friday against Texas.

thankfully, the wrestling last night was excellent. Lucha Underground had another solid show with a true HOLY SHIT moment. enjoy the highlights:

NXT Takeover: Unstoppable was good and then HOLY SHIT great. here's how it started:
a couple of solid matches later and then the ladies stole the show:
and then a brutal (in a good way) main event that had a nice holy shit moment at the end:
as i have seen stated all over the place, having Samoa Joe in NXT is a game changer. he is one of the best workers of ALL time. and to dream of the matches he could have with some of the wrestlers down there is mind boggling. after watching the show i can completely understand why so many guys on the main roster are a bit jealous of just how damn good the product is down at NXT. last night was easily worth the $9.99 a month.

thankfully, i was able to watch all of David Letterman's final show. i was happy that the show went out with a unforgettable last show. here are some of the numerous highlights as i think the show went nearly 30 minutes longer than normal:
what an amazing show. good thing i taped the two shows after it so i got all of the final show. it is certainly something i will never forget. hopefully everyone involved in the show understands how important the show was to all of us. it will be missed.

i probably didn't get to bed until around 3 in the morning. so, of course i would be up at 7:30. i suppose i'll catch up on my sleep when i die. but, while i was up today i typed up those 6 poems. my gut feeling was correct, i've got some winners in this batch. always a good sign when i pulled a dead father memory out of my head from back when i was 9 years old. i got a feeling i'll be writing about all that shit for years on end. hopefully i will crank a few more poems out over the holiday weekend and then get some submissions ready for June.

on the DVR tonight will be Lip Sync Battle, The Comedians and Louie.

that's all for me today. i'm going to go try to ease my aching bones in a hot shower. and if that doesn't work, i always have a shotgun.

no need to panic. my arms aren't long enough.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Glass Animals - Gooey
Angel Haze & Sia - Battle Cry
Dave Mathews Band w/Warren Haynes - Cortez the Killer (Live)
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
Meghan Linsey - Cocaine and Jesus

"It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world." - Al Franken

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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