Sunday, May 31, 2015

one of my last visits to the farm

got up this morning and felt like hell. it was raining on and off all night. my right ankle felt like it was broken in about 50 places. but, the past few weeks have really sharpened my pain tolerance. i'm not exactly sure how i'm walking, but i am. after mom and i went to McDonald's for breakfast (probably not the best choice) we went to the farm. i spent almost 18 years out there, trying to build a habitat good for animals, plants, insects, humans, etc. while driving up the lane, the fuckers that bought the farm in the auction (but technically don't own it yet) have taken it upon themselves to make the farm look the way they want it to. all the fencing is gone. all the cats are gone. the trees that were my cousin's father's trees from California are gone. there's these huge piles of wood and trash all over the place. i told mom it's a damn good thing i took the gasoline a few weeks ago or there would already be a few bonfires going on the farm. i put air in the tires of my truck. i'm hoping it goes for something north of $50 in the upcoming auction. we had to break down a few shelving units that we want to use in the garage of the new house. after a few hours, it was more or less time to go. if i don't have to be at the upcoming auction (mom will be out of town), today is probably the last day i will be at the farm. it was sad to see all those damn trees knocked down. the pastures were mowed, which is the first time they were touched in a decade. i kept them high so animals could hunt in them or hide in them while being hunted. i have no clue what the new owners are going to do with the place. i'm pretty sure i won't like it regardless. most of this afternoon i've been thinking of what happened to the cats. my gut tells me they are dead. and not like they were out and about and got caught my another animal dead. like they were caught and killed and dumped somewhere. if i had any guilt in my body, this would be where it would be killing me. but i don't. part of the asshole gene i suppose. just a few more weeks and all of this will be over.

i did watch most of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductions last night. it was cool to see Joan Jett play. hard to believe Green Day has been around that long. plus, i loved the induction of Stevie Ray Vaughn. between him and Lou Reed, the tears of nostalgia were flowing last night.

the Stanley Cup Final is set. Chicago vs. Tampa Bay. sadly, my dream final has always been Chicago vs. New York Rangers. what could have been.

ROH last night was so damn good i watched it again this afternoon. the buildup between Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe has been excellent. i can't wait to see that match.

the weather has cooled down a bit today. of course, it took a day or two of rain to have that happen.

time for a music break:

the New York Yankees got some great relief pitching last night and a few clutch hits to win 5-3. they go for the split this afternoon.

after the game, i'll probably go right to watching the WWE Network. i am really looking forward to the Elimination Chamber matches tonight. hopefully, Kevin Owens will destroy John Cena. plus, the two chamber matches for the titles tonight should be amazing. hopefully i'll have plenty of videos to share tomorrow.

so on the DVR tonight will be Nurse Jackie, Happyish, Penny Dreadful, Silicon Valley, Veep and Last Week Tonight. i figure i'll watch a few after the wrestling and then catch up with the rest either Monday morning or afternoon.

while going through some shit last night, mom came across a thank you note sent to both of us back in 1981. it came from one of the hostages that was in the Iran hostage crisis back in 1979/1980. as you might imagine, i wasn't the normal 4 or 5 year old. being able to read at 2, i was fully aware of current events by the age of 4. hell, by 8 i was reading at a college level. not sure where i'm going to keep this letter, but it will find a place somewhere in this house.

that's all for me today. i hope everyone is having a great weekend. hopefully the sun is out where you are.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Hank Williams III - Whiskey, Weed, & Women
Jeremy Pinnell - The Way Country Sounds
Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades of Blue
Benjamin Booker - Wicked Waters
John Prine - Jesus the Missing Years

"I exist as I am, that is enough." - Walt Whitman

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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