Friday, May 1, 2015

welcome to may

i'm not quite sure i'm over the heartbreaking hockey game from last night. i've tried music, other shit on television, drinking, sleep, a fucking shower... and i'm still thinking how the fuck can the New York Rangers give up the winning goal with 1.3 seconds left in the game. i suppose a better question really is, why the fuck was Dan Boyle on the ice at the end of the game to begin with? i mean i love the guy, he went to college with my sister, but he's clearly not one of the top d men on the team. and secondly, how the fuck do the refs miss the hit on Boyle that caused the turnover to begin with? i guess in the playoffs, player safety applies until the refs decide it doesn't. anyways, i really hope this was the wake up call the Rangers needed and come out tomorrow and win game 2. a good way to start is by recognizing that guy wearing #8 for Washington is one of the best players on the planet and someone should be on him at all fucking times. take away his time and space and frustrate the living shit out of him. it's painfully fucking obvious that whatever the fuck the game plan for game 1 was didn't work. sure, it was only a 2-1 loss, but the losing team was the rested team that looked like they had just got finished with a grueling 7 game series with a rival. and before i step off this soapbox... Krieder and Miller, shake it off and keep playing the way you play. Marty St. Louis.. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? Rick Nash... PLEASE WAKE THE FUCK UP AND BE THE GREAT PLAYER YOU ARE. that is all.

the shit on television was good last night. The Big Bang Theory was excellent. Louie was fucking great. The Comedians was sneaky funny this week. the show keeps getting better. and lastly, Lip Sync Battle was once again, much better than it should have been:

i was happy with what the New Orleans Saints did in the NFL Draft yesterday. they have an aging QB, so they went out and got a big Tackle to protect him. smart move. with their second pick, they got a middle linebacker that will compete for a starting job immediately. he's a good tackler and the defense stunk last season, so good move. here are videos of the players:
hopefully they will get 3 more players to fill some holes tonight. i wouldn't mind a couple more defenders and a WR.

the New York Yankees start a series in Boston tonight. i'll probably check that out at some point to take a nap.

i've been hunting music most of today. here's a local band that i'm really starting to get into. ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Able Danger:

i also got some music on NoiseTrade today. i'll put some links down below in the music section.

and in case you need a smile on your face today, enjoy:

i have no clue when i will be on here tomorrow. i might try early in the morning. or it could be real late at night. tomorrow is one of the greatest sports clusterfucks i can ever remember. between the NFL Draft, New York Rangers game 2, Manchester United playing at the same time, Yankees up in Boston, a little thing called the Kentucky Derby, a Game 7 in the NBA playoffs and then the biggest boxing match in the last decade or more. you can see why i might be a little pressed for time.

i hope everyone enjoys the weekend. if you are betting on the horses, i like Dortmund to win the Kentucky Derby. if i am wrong, please forget it. if i get it right, i will remind everyone.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...

Able Danger - Chaos (EP)
Leon Bridges - River
Shelby Lynne - Then & Now (EP)
Coves - Spectrum (EP)
Arcade Fire - Wake Up

"I wouldn't say that I'm particularly bothered or obsessed with detail." - Wes Anderson

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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