Tuesday, April 2, 2013

recharged and ready to go

amazing what some decent sleep and a win from the New York Rangers actually does for me. i woke up this morning feeling refreshed for maybe the first time in 2 weeks.

i nearly drove myself insane last night as i was doing my best to watch every bit of the Rangers game, The Voice, and Monday Night Raw. i'll do a little recap on all 3, sorta.

as for the Rangers game, the boys scored 19 seconds in to break their scoring drought. of course, 1 minute later they gave the goal right back. i flip back later to see they are down 2-1. needless to say, i'm not pleased. then, i flip back later to see this beauty from Captain Cally.

the Rangers go on to win 4-2. below are the full game highlights

just love when the NHL trading deadline is the same time as the fantasy playoffs. seeing that one of my players got moved today, i can just imagine my stress level come tomorrow. fun.

as for Monday Night Raw, the parts i did catch i enjoyed for the most part. the ending, which saw CM Punk dress as a druid and beat up The Undertaker with the urn and then dump the ashes of Paul Bearer on him was just pure fucking brilliance. it's clear that this match is more anticipated than any other match on the card. i can't wait until Wrestlemania.

yesterday, i completely forgot to give you my thoughts on ROH TV over the weekend. i love the way they are rolling out the back story on SCUM vs. ROH. and personally, i don't think you can go wrong when you have Steve Corino being the mouthpiece of the angle. also, the slow tease of what Kevin Steen wants to say is perfect. i really enjoyed the episode, even if i stayed up 2 hours later to watch it because of the Ten Commandments movie.

as for The Voice. it was good as usual. a few of the voices stuck out to me. but, most of what i think makes this show better than all the other ones is the interaction between the coaches. that's really the reason i love the show, other than the fact i am addicted to music.

the poet of the day on my Google+ page is William Taylor Jr. if you haven't heard of him before, i urge you to go seek his work out and enjoy. one of the best poets going today.

i have a pesky raccoon that is getting into my bird feeders. i'm not a big fan of killing animals. but i'm not against others doing it. we've got some natural type sprays that are supposed to keep them away, but i guess they are too old now to be effective. if i get any photos of the little fucker in action, i'll be sure to post them.

none of my sports teams play tonight. i started watching a little bit of PSG vs. Barcelona in Champions League play, but, with no Manchester United involved anymore, the luster of the matches are gone for me. i'll catch the highlights later tonight i suppose. i believe i will catch up on some sleep, watch another episode of The Voice, take a shower and perhaps do a little writing this evening.

or, do none of the above and just turn on the History Channel and fall in and out of sleep. time will only tell i suppose.

music today:

Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels
The Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers Band
The xx - Coexist
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist

"If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else." - Marvin Gaye

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