Thursday, April 4, 2013

color me shocked

so, after the huge trade the New York Rangers pulled off yesterday, i sat down last night to watch them play Pittsburgh. needless to say, i was a bit shocked at what happened. i would post video highlights but for some reason YouTube and Blogger are not working well with each other today. so, here is a game write-up from Andrew Gross.
to think that Brassard and Moore arrived just 10 minutes before the warm-up and they both score. add to that Ryane Clowe scores his first 2 goals as a Ranger and those are his first 2 goals of the season. totally fucking unbelievable. hopefully the boys bottle this and play like that for the rest of the season. if they do, they will make the playoffs and i will be a very happy man.

on a meaningless side note, the Yankees lost last night 7-4. 2 games in and my belief hasn't changed. if this team can't pitch and hold the other team under 4 runs, they won't win. simple as that. now watch them go out tonight and prove me wrong. (another futile attempt at reverse psychology positive bullshit). i guess Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells hit their first Yankee home runs last night. i wouldn't know for sure as i probably only watched 10 minutes of the game at most.

the damn raccoon messed up one of the good bird feeders last night. hopefully the new repellent works. if it doesn't, i believe my sister recently took some firearms classes, maybe she would like to come down for some target practice. in case neither happens, i have replaced the good bird feeder with a 2 liter bottle held up on a string. i couldn't give 2 shits if they mess that one up.

the temps have warmed up a bit here today. thankfully. maybe the forecast for the weekend will be correct for once and it actually hits the 60's finally.

started reading More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns by Charles Bukowski last night. so far so good.

the poet of the day on my Google+ page is Justin Chin.

i'm torn if i'm going to watch the Yankees lose again tonight or flip between a ton of hockey games that my fantasy players are on. i do know i will be watching The Big Bang Theory. other than that, i imagine it will simply be a mission to avoid commercials.

music today:

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living
Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy: Live 95-96

"I been in the blues all my life. I'm still delivering 'cause I got a long memory." - Muddy Waters

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